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Different worlds are growing together nowadays, in the age of globalization. Israel, being a multifaceted country varying from very religious conservatism to extremely liberal and open minded and everything in between, has opened up to become a modern democracy. It is surely one of the most significant players in the political arena as well as bringing new ideas, technologies, IT innovation, economic power and know-how to the world.
Our aim is to show you another facet of this fascinating culture: you can experience the new and modern, as well as the traditional views of its population, which could bring to our day-to-day life a fresh and different aspect of Israeli multicultural lifestyle.

Politics, religion, culture, technologies, studies – these are topics of our authors. Are you an Israeli expatriate or an immigrant living in Europe, Asia or any other country around the world? Have you written or blogged some interesting stories about your experience in your new adopted country? We would be very happy to support you in publishing your writings.

Another aspect which is of great interest to us is Judaism – Jewish religion, that differs from all that we’ve known. It is no secret that Jewish people hold on to the Old Testament, which means that their life is influenced by that ancient document. If you are a rabbi who has written about traditional religion influencing modern life, or explaining its importance to the population, we will be delighted to discuss your work and potentially publish it.

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We are committed to providing the best publishing services to our authors, as we have their success at heart:

  • Worldwide dissemination of the book through the attribution of a unique ISBN
  • Permanent availability of your work on the book market
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  • Personal assistance during and after stages of publication.
  • A wide selection of images for the book cover
  • Marketing guidelines and tips given to authors to better promote their book

Worldwide Book Marketing

Our books are produced in the form of high-quality paperbacks in the USA, UK and Germany and distributed through an extensive network of major retailers.
By means of streamlined and standardized workflows, our authors can enjoy a swift book publishing process while reaching the widest possible audience. Hakodesh Press highly dedicated editors aim at delivering the best guidance one would ever expect from a publisher offering free publishing services. Last but not least, our authors earn royalty commissions based on sales volume.

How to Publish?

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